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Valor cat amazing effective FIP Supplement for cats 17.5c

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Helps the immune recovery of cats with feline infectious peritonitis, enhances the body's blood supply, and recovers your kitty to a normal active state, recover appetite and gain weight . Works for all forms fip cat.

+ Pleural effusion                            + Abdominal effusion
+ Appetite Decreasing                    + Persistent fever
+ Lethargy                                       + Jaundice
+ Anemia                                         + Messy hair
+Ocular Eye inflamation                  + Neuro, Incoordinate and Weak leg

Contribute for cats to improve their weak immune resistance, make them have  ability to resist the invasion of viruses and other inflammations, improve blood and energy;

1 vial;

17.5  mg/ml * 5.2 ml per vial

How FIP Supplement Works
If a cat’s immune system is healthy and mature, the white blood cells should fight off an infection or virus, and allow the cat to build up an immune response, or antibodies. Cats who develop FIP have an immune defect or deficiency that causes the white blood cells to replicate, rather than fight, the virus. Essentially, the cats immune system is spreading the virus throughout the cat’s body rather than trying to eliminate it. Cats who have no immune response develop wet FIP, while cats who have a partial immune response develop dry FIP.

The nucleoside analog FIP Solution is a molecular precursor to a pharmacologically active nucleoside triphosphate molecule. These analogs act as an alternative substrate and RNA-chain terminator of viral RNA dependent RNA polymerase. In layman’s terms, GS441 interjects itself into the chain reaction and stops the replication of the virus.

Shelf time:
10-12 months;

For animal use only. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

Due to the tasty nature of our products, do not leave the package unattended around pets.

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