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Lucky FIP supplements for immune strengthen OralⅠ 10 Mg(1kg)

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Helps the immune recovery of cats with feline infectious peritonitis, enhances the body’s blood supply system, and recovers your kitty to a normal active state, recover appetite and gain weight . Lucky Ⅰ oral pills works for all forms fip cat.

+Pleural effusion                               +Abdominal effusion

+Appetite Decreasing                       +Persistent fever

+Lethargy                                          +Anemia

+Messy hair                                       +Ocular Eye inflamation

+Neuro, Incoordinate and Weak leg

Contribute for cats to improve their weak immune resistance, make them have  ability to resist the invasion of viruses and other inflammations, improve blood and energy;

The 5.5 USD price is for 1 pill;(Facial on pills with "+" mark)

Content: 1 pill is equal to 6-8 mg injection;

Shelf time:
24 months;

For animal use only. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

Due to the tasty nature of our products, do not leave the package unattended around pets.

Lucky FIP supplements for immune strengthen Oral Ⅰ 6 Mg  Lucky FIP supplements for immune strengthen Oral Ⅰ 6 Mg

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