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How GS-441524 work for FIP?


GS 441524 is a groundbreaking nucleoside analog that has become a game changer for the treatment of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a previously fatal and devastating disease in cats.

Designed to inhibit viral replication, GS 441524 targets the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, an essential enzyme required by viruses like FIP to reproduce.

This remarkable compound subsequently stops the virus from spreading and allows your cat's immune system to regain control.

GS 441524 can be traced back to its develop by Gilead Sciences, a prominent biopharmaceutical company. The compound was initially developed to study itsantiviral properties against viruses such as Ebola and SARS Coronavirus.

However, it wasn't until researchers identified the similarities between the feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV) and the coronaviruses that caused SARS and COVlD-19 that GS441524 gained significant attention in treating FIP in cats.

How GS-441524 was found working for FIP?

As scientist Dr. Petersen from Uc Devis university began investigating this promising nucleoside analog and started observing positive outcomes when using GS 441524 for FIP treatment.

It was not until Dr. Petersen applied GS-441524 in the FIP clinical treatment experiment for feline infectious peritonitis in 2018 and published a paper that the public realized that FIP could be treated. This was a breakthrough historical moment for the FIP field. It is well known that before 2018, FIP was a terminal illness with a mortality rate of up to 98%.

Paper Title: 《The nucleoside analog GS-441524 strongly inhibits feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) virus in tissue culture and experimental cat infection studies》

Paper Link: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0378113518301603

How Does GS-441524 Work?

GS 441524 works by effectively interfering with viral replication and hinders the ability of the virus to multiply within an infected cat's body.

GS-441524 exerts its effect by effectively interfering with the replication of FIPV RNA virus, thereby inhibiting the virus's ability to reproduce in infected cats.
GS-441524 is a small molecule nucleoside analogue that undergoes intracellular phosphorylation under the action of cell kinases in the body, generating an active triphosphate metabolite (NTP). NTP can compete with natural nucleotides in the body, inhibit RNA polymerase, interfere with RNA replication of feline infectious peritonitis virus, and thus block the synthesis of feline infectious peritonitis virus.

GS 441524 Injection & Oral Treatment

GS 441524 is available in mainly two forms: subcutaneous injection and oral tablets.

Both are easy to administer with proper guidance from our experts, and each play a role in the treatment of FIP, with pros and cons from each method.

We will guide you on which to select based on your cat's condition, as well as their response to injection or oral treatment.